What is going to happen to humankind?

I am the eternal optimist over a long enough scale. On a day to day or even year to year scale you can convince me things have taken a step back, but if you took an average day for a person every hundred years and compared even the last 20 days it'll be hard to convince me things aren't getting exponentially better. Medicine used to focus on how leeches could solve most things, today we can transplant a heart, and in 200 years I know we will look back at the medicine of today and think how it was still such a blunt instrument. Sending a message actually meant sending a messenger, the most famous being that of the marathon. Now I can type this thought and in almost the same instance some person on the other side of the globe can read it. We travel in flying metal cans. I can wake up in one place and within the same day be in a totally different climate. Only the bravest people spending a huge portion of their lives used to do that. In fact, everywhere you look it's hard not to be amazed and inspired by the capability of the human mind. It is with that inspiration and awe that I know we still have an astonishing bright future. Do we have issues of today, no doubt, but I truly believe that we have enough minds out there willing and capable of fixing it.

February 26, 2019


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