Who or what is God?

7 meaning (or more how the hell i could know everything) 1) The God is the absolute human joy, which leads to absolute happiness - false 2) The God is the judge which punish bad ones and awards good ones - false 3) The God is the ruler, which give you objectives and demands - false 4) The God is the archetype from your childhood of your parents, masterly used by Abraham the Jew to lord over the goyims - false 5) The God is the extraterrestrial or human being - false 6) The God is me, solipsism concept - false 7)THE GOD IS THE ORIGINAL ESSENCE OF THE MEASURE, THE ABSOLUTE OF ALL THINGS, THE RIGHT COMBINATION OF wrong and right, life and death, existence and nonexistence, HES EVERYWHERE by pieces, but only ABSOLUTE IN THE RIGHT COMBINATION OF THE ORIGINAL TRULY LIGHT AND THE ORIGINAL TRULY DARKNESS.

July 20, 2019


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