What happens after death?

In the ideal situation, I hope there is more. Realistically I haven't seen any evidence to that end, which I know leads us to the definition of faith. It is a thought I haven't been able to shake as a man raised catholic. What I realized after some time is how liberating this thought has become. The fact that any of us even has a conscious thought is the biggest luck box jackpot situation possible. Of all the things in the universe, to be something capable of understanding the concept of a timeline (past, present, future) is nothing short of unbelievable. If this is truly all we have, treat it as heaven. To boil it down, you do you, just be conscious of not doing harm to others. With that in mind, if there is "hope/faith" in something else we will have lived our best lives and hopefully earned our way into something eternal as well.

February 26, 2019


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