Who or what is God?

You arent messing around with these questions are you? I see the idea of God in the traditional sense depicted by most religions: a supreme being that created the universe and humans. I will take the Christian concept of God first. I have a hard time believing in the Christian/Islamic God (Jehova, Yaveh, Allah, etc) as a perfect, omnipotent all-knowing being due to the stories described in the scriptures. These stories depict a very human god - a jealous, egotistical (praise and adore ME), and often course-correcting God. First we try and eye-for-an-eye and then we scrap that and say love thy neighbor as you love thyself. When pairing that with seemingly no direct intervention from God for over a thousand years, it hardly seems like a perfect omnipotent being. The idea of God is a man-made construct, with scriptures as the only evidence. Since I struggle with the idea of the judeo-Christian concept of God, then what is God if it exists? Is it simply a creator that leaves its creations to their own devices? Or does it have an active hand in the lives of its creations? I dont believe in a benevolent God due to the history of strife and suffering humans have made for themselves. Maybe there is not God at all and we just need to explain our world and the things that happen to us, attributing negative events to something that is out of our hands. Is God our failure to take responsibility?

March 15, 2019


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