How do you find truth?

I think truth is a human construct, and because of that I dont believe in a universal truth. I do not include scientific facts as truths, but consider them more of a repeatable natural phenomena since they dont really have anything to do with us (ie physics and chemistry will continue when we get wiped off this planet). Through time humans have created "truths" based on our beliefs and the thought systems we have created (economics, politics, religion) that rely entirely on getting enough people to subscribe to your "truth" to survive. Just look at politics, gender identity and religion to get a dose of conflicting "truths". I think we build truths to understand our world and create mental models that help us thrive (even if "us" is those in power that create or perpetuate these truths for their own gain). The idea of finding truth is almost like a wild goose chase. Some of them we might uncover as natural phenomena/facts (ie theres life outside our planet... we either find it or we dont) and others we may never resolve (is there a God, or is a fetus a human being).

March 15, 2019


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